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Bosch Consulting was established in 2010 due to the high volume of medical professional who had an interest in learning how to bring regenerative medicine into their practice.  Through the last few years, Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell treatments have grown exponentially.  Professional athletes, weekend warriors, and individuals with debilitating conditions have been treated to a great success!  Bosch Consulting is committed to advancing the medical science of this wonderful treatment for years to come. 



James Vanden Bosch has been in medicine for over 20 years.  His passion for medicine came about during his career in the United States Navy.  He was trained as a Navy Corpsman and his thirst for learning didn't stop there.  After serving honorably and with high commendations. James continued his education with pre-medical studies with an emphasis on genetic and cellular biology with a minor in anatomy and physiology, nursing, and health services with the focus mainly on health administration. 

James has spent the last seven years, and still counting, on specializing in Regenerative Medicine.  He is specially trained in the development of Platelet Rich Plasma, Bone Marrow, and Isolating of Stromal Vascular Faction (stem cells) from Adipose tissue.  Having performed thousands of procedures, James became recognized as one of the top clinical specialist in teaching physicians and collaborating with the science community that he comes highly recommended by regenerative companies to train medical professionals and their staff.  As a result of his experience, he was appointed on a committee at the International Cellular Medicine Society and helped establish the first Platelet Rich Plasma guideline paper in the international community. 

James treatment consist of treating Multiple Scoliosis, Autism, ALS, Diabetes, Cancer, Parkinson. Osteoarthritis, Stroke, ligament tears, as well as many others.

Additionally, James is an international and domestic public speaker.  Two of his publications for his work had been reported by medical new agencies and translated to more than 56 countries and over 110 translations.

Some of the places James has gone to teach, lecture and perform treatments:

Boca Raton Orthopedic Group, Boca Raton, Florida

Florida Atlantic University for undergraduates on stem cell and platelet rich plasma treatment

Harvest Technologies Corporation, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Hospital Clínico Universitario, Caracas, Venezuela

Centro Médico de Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela

Intervertebra, Miranda Caracas, Venezuela

The Ageless Aesthetics Institute, Aventura, Florida

For Better Health, Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana

Xaogene, Juan Juan Puerto Rico

The Institute of Regenerative and Molecular Orthopaedics, Boca Raton, Florida

Beverly Hills Body, Beverly Hills, California- Dr. Richard Ellenbogen- "Dr. 90210"

Second Vatican conference on adult stem cell research- Spokesman

Final Legislation inI Italy, 12/4/2013- Advisor

Dr. Gus Kotsanis, MD, Grapevine , TX

Youseff Cosmetic Spa, Sata Monica, CA

Dr. Wilsom Idami, Toronto, Canada

Rome, Italy

Paris. France

Grand Junction, Colorado

Delray Beach, Florida

Las Vegas Parker Seminar 2013- Spokesman



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